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Target Life started as a gap year in 2006, but the concept was developed by Abel Loedolff since 1998. After studying engineering, he did two years of military service, taught at a high school for seven years and then developed the Prothesis concept (used by Target Life) in a local church environment. During his teaching years he was involved with industrial physiology, leadership development and had a youth ministry at his home with 60 teenagers attending

every Friday evening. The youth ministry was not trendy teenager stuff, but rather disciplined discipleship. When the Prothesis concept was launched as a gap year, everything fell into place and he soon realised that God had given him a great concept that was very effective. We gained more and more understanding of the psychology behind the process as we went along and kept on developing the concept as a team since 2006.

The Coaches and families for 2016

We need to disciple and equip young people to go out into a post-modern world and be effective in bringing Christ to the hearts of people.

A new generation, free of religion, and “Christianese”, with hearts of compassion for a lost world.

Warriors with the courage to die to self and be available to the Lord irrespective of the cost.

Balanced leaders that live with excellence, skills and competency.

Passionate lovers that will not compromise on their first love for God and will lay down their lives for their families as a first priority after God.

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